Sunday, November 2, 2008

Coming soon!

Tu Scene. Your Scene. It's what you make of it. Tu Scene is a new all-inclusive art blog encompassing visual art-related events and news in Tucson, Arizona.

What is Tu Scene?
Although anyone in the world surfing the Internet can read Tu Scene, it will mainly serve artists as strictly an informational resource; no reviews, no promotion of a certain aesthetic or medium. Communication - starting with dissemination of information - between artists, institutions and the public is the key to growing and ensuring the longevity of a visual art scene. Because if a tree falls in the forest...

What kind of art events can be posted on Tu Scene?

Tu Scene will serve visual artists in all media: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, glass, performance, video, digital, installation, street, and any collaborations thereof with film, dance, live music, DJ's, rappers, poets, writers, fashion, graphic design - as long as there's art, let us know at!

Why "Tu Scene"?

Because you can choose what you create, and what to support. Sustainability is about taking ownership. Tu Scene will promote art happening in all areas of the city: central, south, north, east and west. Tucson has a unique physical and cultural landscape, catalysts for making art that speaks across boundaries. There's nowhere else like it in the world. Tu Scene celebrates that reality and welcomes submissions from all.

What can be posted on Tu Scene?
Submit your opening, exhibition, artist talk, open studio, performance, gallery or studio space available for rent, class schedule and miscellaneous social events. Because blog-publishing is instantaneous, there are NO DEADLINES! Even if your event is happening in a few hours, you can still send it to If you would like your information removed for any reason, email with the post you'd like removed (preferably copy and paste the URL). Otherwise, we'll assume it can stay up permanently.

Who's behind Tu Scene?
Hi! My name is Rachelle. I'm an mixed media artist/art facilitator/graphic designer from Texas. I moved here from Austin in July 2008 with my husband, who started pursuing his MFA at the U of A. As a newcomer, I'm still learning my way around and it may seem like there are gaps in coverage at first. But I plead ignorance, not malevolence (OK, so I may have a lazy day here and there too - who doesn't?). Most of all, I'm just here to help! Your feedback is always welcome at

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