Thursday, November 20, 2008

Openings Close to Home

Not into el centro? You don't have to go far from home to enjoy some great art this weekend.


Icons of Intimacy/Símbolos de Intimidad
Opening: 7-9pm, Saturday, November 22

ArtCulture Partnership Gallery
951 E. 35th St.
Hours: Th-Sa, 12-5pm
Through January 3

Monotype prints by Cristina Cardenas and Xóchitl Gil-Higuchi.

North Central

Michael Joplin, Paul Anders-Stout, Dave Klein, Bronwen Heilman: New Work
Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, November 22
Tangerine Gallery
2522 E. Fort Lowell
Hours: M-S 10am-5pm
Through January 10

Just in time for the gift-giving season, Tangerine Gallery presents beautiful contemporary glass work from local masters. Whether you think it's art or craft, I have some good friends in Austin who are glassblowers and they don't get nearly enough of the respect they deserve.


Leigh Gusterson
Opening: 12-5pm, Saturday, November 22

Jane Hamilton Fine Art
1825 E. River Road, Suite 101
Hours: M-Sa 11am-5pm

Painter Leigh Gusterson captures light throughout the seasons in rural landscapes. Take the drive up to the gateway of the foothills and meet the artist at the opening on Saturday.

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