Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend I made it out to Downtown Saturday Night, paid respects at the open galleries on Congress, and checked out the openings at the ArtCulture Partnership and Etherton Gallery, two spaces I'd never been to before. Unfortunately I missed the BICAS Art Auction Preview Party. We were, um, how shall I say, waylaid at The District Tavern. Next thing I knew it was midnight, I was tired, and by that time, had forgotten about it completely. I'm getting old - it's difficult to muster the energy to party like an art star anymore! Do you have any photos to share from your weekend experiences? Email photos/URLs to and let me know if it's OK to post them - with your photo credit, of course - to the Tu Scene Flickr.

In other news, calendars will be updated tonight.

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