Monday, December 1, 2008

Tu Scene Launch Party Next Week!

Friday, December 12, 7-9pm
Dinnerware Artspace
264 E. Congress

Dinnerware has been gracious enough to provide a wine and cheese reception for the launch of Tu Scene. Come out, meet me, Rachelle Diaz, and tell me your hopes, dreams and fears for the Tucson art community as a continuation of the Emerging Leaders Creative Conversation that took place a couple of months ago, and let's figure out how to help each other. Plus, many other galleries will be open on Friday, December 12, including Central Arts Gallery, PLAY and others, so make a night of it!

I am so grateful for the support of many Tucson artists, particularly PLAY, one of the first emerging artist groups that I met here, and also Molly McClintock, Julie Ray, Liz Carballo and David Aguirre of Dinnerware who sought me out. Seriously, this could never happen anywhere else, even so-called "magical" places like Austin, where I'm from. Take my word for it as a seasoned veteran. This is why I say things could NEVER happen here without YOU. So whether or not you've already thought about starting an art blog or what, stay where you are, right here in Tucson, and keep being The Best Damn Artist You Can Be... and, not just that, but give yourself some freakin' credit and TELL THE WHOLE WORLD ABOUT IT! It's OK! Because ultimately, it's not about ideas or who thinks of them first vs who executes them first, or what. At. All. In emerging arts scenes, all I can say is that it's truly first come, first serve. But if you get your P.O.V. and your art out there, you can't complain, in the long run. Starting a flame together is not about competition, but about collaboration and, at the very least, communication. I truly feel that the right ingredients are coming together at this very moment, to make Tucson an Art Destination (more on that soon), to put us – that is to say, YOU! – on the map, within the next year or two. I am so honored and looking forward to meeting and promoting many more emerging artists/venues/endeavors that Tu Scene can help support in some – any! – way. Stay tuned for a cohesive Tu Scene media sponsorship package to learn more about what services we can exchange.

If you want to help spread the word, feel free to use the graphic above, just leave a comment with the URL so I know where you've placed it. It's available for download in various sizes here.

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