Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where do I begin?

If you missed CTGA's fall Art Tour in early November, here's your chance to make it up, because there's a veritable plethora of openings on Congress, 4th Avenue, and the 6th & 6th area this Friday and Saturday evening. By the way, I've fixed the link to the full view of Special Events Calendar in the sidebar. Be sure click here for a comprehensive schedule including events outside of the downtown area because there's lots more than the few selections I've listed below. Due to another commitment, I won't be able to attend any of the Friday shows, but look for me out and about on Saturday - and don't be shy, say hi. There'll be a trail of flyers in my wake for Tu Scene launch party next Friday.


Julie Sasse: Mixed Media
Opening: 5:30-7:30pm, Friday, December 5
Temple Gallery
330 S. Scott Ave.
Hours: M-F 10am-6pm
Through January 13

Rooted in the collage and assemblage traditions of the Surrealist and West Coast Neo-Dada artists, Sasse's work reveals a fascination with the symbolic content of found objects and appropriated images. The artist - also Tucson Museum of Art Chief Curator - says that in her work she tries to "express the human awareness of life and death, the selective memories of our past, and our existential need to mark our place within society." Sasse's recent mixed media work incorporates castoff materials and ephemera with painting and drawing.

Rooted In Place
Opening: 6-9pm, Friday, December 5
Arts Incubator
108 E. Congress
Hours: Sa-Su 12-5pm
Through December 31

In Rooted In Place, photographers Jim Boehme and Leigh Spigelman celebrate the importance of place-making in our communities. It also highlights what place means in Downtown Tucson. A Tucson Main Street website was created to honor the people, businesses and organizations helping define Tucson’s sense of place. The opening reception will feature vignettes by Marlene H. Phillips, Steve Surfaro, and Monica Surfaro Spigelman, music from Beatnik Dream Vacation, an appearance of The Burrito Files, a raffle and more. Sounds like fun, no?

TYP First Fridays presents Monte Carlo; The Art of the Deal

Tucson Museum of Art
140 N. Main Ave.
Admission: $10 between 8-9pm, $10 all night for museum members, $20 for non-members after 9pm. Receive $5 off when you bring a donation for Toys for Tots

Go glam for an evening and dress up in your most James Bond-esque tuxedo or swankiest frock (don't forget the fur - could get chilly after dark). The museum will be open, and you can enjoy drinks and dancing into the night. The admission price is worth it just for the people-watching.


Black & White Show
Opening and gallery debut: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6

276 E. Congress
Hours: Tu-Sa, 11am-5pm

PLAY means business... and pleasure. Come celebrate the opening of Tucson's newest downtown gallery/boutique/community center/performance space. Sustainability is the name of the game: try to support new faces and places as much as you can so they can stick around and create a viable culture.

The Anxiety of Abundance: Shara Rowley Plough M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition
Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6
Rocket Gallery
270 E. Congress
Through December 20

The Anxiety of Abundance is an installation of paper works. The exhibition uses near life-size recreations of early nineteenth-century toile vignettes to highlight the benefits of thrift. Don't miss this one! I have yet to be disappointed by the risk-taking work highlighted at Rocket.

Celebration of Line
Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6
Central Arts Gallery
274 E. Congress

Hours: Th-Sa 12-5pm and most Saturday evenings
Through January 31

Stop by to vote for your favorite work in this CAG's always-diverse exhibitions, and find out more about how to connect with this hardworking cooperative of artists in all media and become active in the downtown scene.

Black & White: A Group Show
Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6
The Gallery at 6th and 6th
439 N. 6th Ave.
Hours: Tu-F 11am-5pm; Sa 11am-4pm
Through January 31

Not to be confused with the other black & white show going on, The Gallery at 6th and 6th presents a mixed media group exhibition featuring Carson Fox, Mark Pomilio, Sal Sirugo, Tim Diggles, Ralph Iwamoto and others.

Jen Calento, Jessica McVey and Jessie Skriner
Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6
Lulubell Toy Bodega
439 N. 6th Avenue, Suite 187
Hours: Tu-Sa 12-6pm
Through December 31

Lulubell never fails to impress and inspire. Calento is a longtime musician and artist who combines textures, color and dimensions to make unique paintings and frames for her pieces. McVey has re-emerged with a savory collection that explores contemporary issues of self-control and consumption in modern-day society: She infuses sugary imagery and mod colors. Skriner has her own company called the Samaria Project, which produces soft, plush pieces made out of recycled materials, including old T-shirts and jeans. She is also known for restoring everyday items and making kid-friendly pieces.

Holiday Spectacular IV
Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6
Zoe Boutique
735 N. 4th Ave.
Hours: M-S, 11am-7pm; Su 1-5pm
Through February 15

Head over to 4th Avenue and check out art from nine local artists, snack on tasty treats from the B-Line (one of my favorite caf├ęs) and enjoy the sweet sounds selected by Giovanni Dominice.

Relative Geometries II: Joanne Mattera, Tracey Adams, John Dempcy and Robert Moya
Momentum and Melody: Emilia Arana

Opening: 6-9pm, Saturday, December 6

Conrad Wilde Gallery
210 N. 4th Ave.
Hours: Tu-Sa 11am-5pm
Through December 27

Conrade Wilde doubles up shows this Friday. Relative Geometries II includes work by nationally renowned artists Joanne Mattera and Tracey Adams along with emerging artists John Dempcy and Robert Moya. Drawing upon the minimalist tradition of grid compositions, these artists use organic, non-righd forms to create paintings of breathtakingly lush colors and depth of surface. Pianist Emilia Arana's abstract works exlpore a range of emotion inspired by music and art history.

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